Manasota Weavers Guild serves all persons interested in weaving, spinning, dyeing, basket making and related fiber arts in Sarasota County and Manatee County, Florida.

Manasota Weavers Guild
P.O. Box 17876
Sarasota, FL 34276

About our Guild


The Manasota Weavers Guild is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the fiber arts. Through monthly meetings and special workshops, we offer our members the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills. We offer community outreach programs which promote awareness and appreciation of the fiber arts. The Guild welcomes and offers instruction to new weavers and spinners. Membership in the Guild is open to anyone interested in the arts of loom weaving, tapestry, spinning, Knitting, basketry and related fiber arts.


The Manasota Weavers Guild, Inc. is a non- profit organization conforming to IRS regulations as a 501(c)3 qualified organization. We are happy to receive your contributions of weaving and spinning items that you may no longer be using. Please contact Jozette Stubbe if you are interested in donating any items of this type.


Members regularly volunteer to demonstrate weaving and spinning throughout the three communities served. School demonstrations are an important part of our community outreach and we regularly teach adults with disabilities to weave at CHAC Community Haven for Adults and Children.

Exhibitions and Sales:

Our members exhibit fiber art at several sites during the year. Sites have included Selby Gardens, Women's Resource Center, the Manatee Art League, Sarasota Art Center and the Florida Tropical Weavers annual conference. Our members also have an opportunity to sell at our annual Fabulous Arts Boutique (FAB).


We have an extensive collection of current and historical books and periodicals on fiber arts and crafts, which is available to all members.

Scholarship Program:

The Guild awards educational grants to members to attend workshops to further their skills and knowledge of their art. The Guild received the Gavel Award from the Sarasota Herald Tribune for its work in public education. Individual members have received awards for their work from state and national associations.


Once or twice a year we invite nationally known experts to give two or three day workshops. These workshops involve an extra fee to cover the cost.


Instruction - we have a mentor program in which advanced weavers mentor the continued learning of less experienced weavers and spinners.


As of January 2017, meetings will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the month, September through May, at the Center For Arts & Humanity, 1226 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota (located behind The Designing Women Boutique).


2016 - 2017 Meeting Program Schedule

(Subject to change. Contact Guild President, Priscilla Fort, to confirm program content)


Membership is open to all who are interested in weaving, spinning, dyeing, basketry and other fiber arts. We seek those who want to learn or improve their skills, and who will serve in the promotion of our goals.

Members receive a newsletter via email each month the Guild meets. A single membership is $35, a family membership is $50, and an associate membership (newsletters only) is $20.

Please click here to download our Membership Application

Contact our Membership Chairman, Pam Smith, for any further information.

Winter 2017 Workshops

(Manasota Weavers' Guild membership required)

February 13 - 15, 2017

Betty Vera "Color That Moves". Registration open to MWG Members prior to Oct 1st, then open to anyone. Registration deadline is Dec 1, 2016. Estimated cost, based on 10 participants is $245.

Achieve more dynamic color in your weaving by manipulating painted and layered warps and wefts, varigated yarns, and weave structures that make colors change places, wiggle, wave and curve. This workshop is open to both beginners and more experienced weavers.

Warping and threading instructions will be sent to participants prior to the class. By taking turns weaving at one another's looms, participants will explore a wide range of weave structures and methods for layering and working with colorful warps, and will take home a color study notebook with a swatch of every fabric woven in the class. The class fee covers swatch notebook supplies, additional weft yarns and complete weaving drafts for every fabric sample.

Please contact our Workshop Coordinator, Margarete Griffiths, for any further information.


Please click here for our full list of Books, Periodicals and DVD's

Scholarship Program:

Are you as members aware that we have a scholarship program available to members of one year or more? This allows you to apply for the money to pay for classes in any location, for instance at FTWG or a local workshop or toward any other workshop or class. Check this out with Barbara Cabral, our Scholarship Chair.


Manasota Weavers Guild has been approved to participate in the Woolery Guild Rewards program. Any purchases, using this link, from the Woolery by Guild members will result in an annual cash reward that will be sent to our Guild.